Blog Post #1: OINC

It seems that every millennial guy is starting a clothing brand these days, but few succeed because they lack a strict focus and an obvious identity. Like countless entrepreneurs in my generation, I too am starting a clothing brand, and it will be called “Oinc.” In the short time I have worked on the brand, I have already learned several key things that will guide me to success: having a strong brand identity, being efficient, targeting a specific consumer segment, and recognizing my own limitations.

            Having a clearly recognizable brand identity is essential to success in the fashion world. The name “Oinc” will set my brand apart from the crowd because the pig, the animal that makes this sound, is often regarded as unbecoming and messy. The irony of having an fashionable clothing brand with a name with this connotation presents the brand as irreverent and rule breaking, qualities which will be reflected in the designs. Along with the onomatopoeia, the name stands for “one income no children,” which defines the brand as socially conscious and sensitive to the economic pressures affecting its consumers. Considering that Oinc is set to be a low cost streetwear company, this identity reflects the goals and purpose of the brand. A widely recognizable logo and repeated design elements will further establish a solid brand identity.

            Like any business, Oinc will benefit from the maximization of efficiency. Because Oinc is to have a relatively low price point, it is important to balance quality against cost. To strike this balance, Oinc will source already-made blank t-shirts, jackets, and pants from established suppliers to cut down on production costs. Manufacturing our own blanks before we have established a wide consumer base would be inefficient, highly expensive, and unwise. It is, however, pretty cheap to design graphics on the computer and print them onto the blanks, so doing this will save money and time that can then be reallocated to other parts of the business development.

            As alluded to previously, Oinc will be a low cost brand that targets consumers who like the styles of streetwear but cannot afford the more expensive alternatives. By honing in on this specific segment of the market, Oinc can provide designs that these consumers will like and be able to afford. Having this explicitly defined target audience also makes it easier to pinpoint a price range and determine how many quantities of each product will be demanded. 

            The final, and perhaps most important, way to grow a successful streetwear brand is to recognize the brand’s limitations. If a brand is profitable and well-known, it may be wise for its leadership to expand its operations. On the other hand, nascent brands should focus on their target consumer segment until they have won over as much of it as they can. Of course, Oinc falls into this second category, so I will focus on growing Oinc’s name recognition, improving the designs, and increasing efficiency of production before I begin to consider expanding into other consumer segments or geographic areas. As the old adage goes, you must crawl before you walk.