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In “Blogging to Establish Your Digital Identity,” the author describes the usefulness of blogging in finding work after graduation and improving your writing skills. The article also details how writing a blog is an effective and somewhat easy way to showcase your work and expertise while also enlarging your digital footprint. The author identifies three problems people often see with starting a blog: it’s time consuming, it’s difficult, and it’s expensive. In reality, blogging can help shorten the time it takes someone to write, many find it to be not that challenging, and new platforms allow writers to blog for very low costs. Therefore, blogging seems to be a fun, appealing way to sharpen your writing skills and gain more exposure online.

In this article, the author suggests that we google ourselves to discover our digital imprint, which was the topic of our last post. When I searched myself for the last activity, I found a few articles related to my business, several of my social media profiles, and some pages about my time on the high school football team. I was pretty satisfied with the content of what I found as I thought it portrayed me in a positive light, but I was disappointed at how long it took me to find the content. My name, Matt Steiner, is relatively ordinary, so my search yielded tons of results, the vast majority of which had nothing to do with me. Starting a blog could be the solution to this problem by increasing my digital presence and associate my name with more professional, respectable work.

The popularity of social media and the internet at large has increased the need to maintain a good, positive digital presence. Being able to control the blog’s content makes it an appealing opportunity because then I would have the power to portray myself as I want to be portrayed rather than leaving it up to other anonymous websites. This last point is especially important to young college students like myself because we will soon be entering a very competitive workforce run by employers who understand the importance of the digital world. Anybody who is interested in having a job in the near future should look into starting a blog; after reading “Blogging to Establish Your Digital Identity,” I certainly am!

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  1. Blogging is a very effective way to establish one’s digital presence, and has tremendous utility in helping achieve personal objectives such as being recognized by potential future employers. I also refute the claim in the article that blogging is time consuming, difficult, and expensive. Blogging can take very little time and be easy to accomplish after a little practice, and can be a very effective way to communicate one’s point of view to a large audience in a quick and efficient manner at relatively low costs.

    An important additional issue raised is control of blog content. The prospect of being able to completely customize a blog is definitely very appealing. However, we should ask the question: Do blogging websites such as WordPress, Squarespace, and others truly provide complete freedom in customizing and displaying information we want to present? In my view, while most blogging websites provide templates that can be modified, there unfortunately remain many restrictions. Hopefully in the near future, websites will be agreeable to modifications that would permit and perhaps even encourage more autonomous user choices. I believe this would further enhance the tremendous utility and personalization of blogging, and would lead to it becoming an even more widely used and even more influential form of communication.

  2. I remember when I first started blogging and at first, I really thought it was boring and useless. However, the articles that we had to read in class and the blogs that I have read for this homework assignment have been siding with blogs being more beneficial. Like you had mentioned, these blogging sites have given the users the freedom to have a more customizable platform for sharing their lives and the information that they see fit to share. Mrs. Hertel had mentioned that some blogs sites can give users the opportunity to blog for at a minimum of 30 dollars a year. This I do believe could be seen to be a little steep compared to other social media not costing any money. Lastly, do you believe that having a blog could be negative for those who are searching for a new job?

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