My Experience with an Infographic!

I used Infogram to make my infographic about net neutrality, and I found it to be a very good experience. Infographics are a fun, simple way of expressing what may otherwise be a boring concept. The brevity of the text, the nice color scheme, and the images allow the viewers to enjoyably learn about whatever topic is being presented. I thought that Infographic made the creation of my infographic very easy and straightforward. The site provides a template into which you simply plug in your information and images. It also allows you to resize the text, move around images, change background colors, and many more customizable features that give each infographic some originality. The most difficult part of the task was finding images that fit well into the infographic’s aesthetic. With respect to Infogram, I did not like that you had to pay to download the infographic. Aside from this criticism, I enjoyed making my infographic and appreciate Infogram for making it easy to do so.

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