My First Post!

My expectations for this course are to learn how to become a better writer, and from what I can tell, I will. There seems to be so much support from my professor and the writing assistant to lend a helping hand whenever needed. I would say that having a web presence is important for a specific type of learning. It makes students have to create there own blogs and have to feel comfortable enough sharing it with the world. For many, this can be a very hard and challenging thing, especially for someone who may not be very tech savvy or just afraid of what others will think of their work. Technology is a key aspect of my life and has helped me create things I would’ve never thought possible. Although there are many positive effects of the internet, I can see how it can be a problem for many. When you sit down and study, you can easily become very distracted and get lost for hours before doing your work. As of right now, I wouldn’t say that I have zero concern over having a public academic presence because I believe it helps students more than it can hurt. Feeling comfortable with posting your work to the public is the best way to get real feedback.

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