Why is it important?

Domains…what is a domain you ask? A domain is a Url that brings you to a specific page on the internet. In this case, students are able to make their own blog with their own Url and able to post freely. There are 2 sides to this and they are both talked about in depth in the readings “The Web We Need to Give Students” and “Do I Own My Domain If You Grade It?” My personal opinion on the topic is that I strongly believe it is a good idea for students to publicly share there opinions on a blog online. The reason I feel so strong about it is because everyone should have a voice and opinion when it comes to topics. This is one of the most special things about where we live, we are able to speak out on how we feel about any subject. Not everyone is as lucky as us and we should not take that right for granted. There is another issue that is brought up a lot which is whether it is a bad idea for students that my not want to share there feelings and opinions in front of the public. I do see and understand how that can be tough for some people, but if you do continue hiding your work, you may never get to see the effects it could have on others. People should feel confident in there work and should want to share it with the world. Students will also be able to receive immediate feedback from other students when they post it on their blogs. All in all, I feel that students having a Url to post is definitely a excellent idea in my book.

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